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deviation in storage by 3dbabes
Hello there,

This time I feel like talking a bit about some ideas, and the need to satisfy my artistic side, having your opinion on this in the end.
As I said before, when I started Rapelay, I didn't had any contact with Hentai, except... well... Rapelay... so, I started reading and investigating some mangas and anime, nowadays I read Visual Novels too.

One thing I learned with all this is that you can never say - Ok, with this, I've seen everything - when you finish watching/reading an Hentai, there is ALWAYS something crazier, weirder, awesome, waiting for you the next day, and that is something I enjoy, I like to be surprised with some out of the box ideas.
But I do something awful, I write stories about girls getting raped, just for entertainment. I could never, ever, do something so awful to someone, or even watch it without trying to do something, yet, I write about this stuff, and I enjoy. Since I was a kid, my parents always teached me the difference between what is real and what is fiction, since I was always watching really crazy cartoons (Ren and Stimpy), and I started watching horror movies at a very... VERY early age.

I got to a point that - If this shit isn't real, then it's ok, it's just fiction - since trying to humiliate / taking control over a woman, is something that is appealing to some people, and it might work the other way around, and since you're only fantasizing about it, and not actually doing something bad to someone... it's ok in my book!
That is the way I see things, meaning, I can go to any length to tell a story, that is what I tried to do with Episode 8, I wanted that episode to be the most extreme of the series, yet, I didn't went the full circle, I was just testing violence in my videos, and, I got some nice comments about, specially the ones I was expecting - I liked the episode, but, it didn't make me horny, it was too violent - That was very important to me, there is a line between sex and just plain violence, even if that includes sex, and there is acceptable raping, like the ones depicted before Episode 8, because I wasn't physically hurting the girls.

That leads us to the next topic, Physical and Psychological violence.
I like to write about mind games, you got a glimpse of that by the end of Episode 8, I like the idea of mentally breaking someone, but by the end, I find that way more extreme than beating someone up, or just killing, or physically torturing someone, because, when you mentally torture someone, you are, indeed, changing a person completely, you're changing what makes that person, herself... usually for the worse, making that person, soulless, and filled with... despair?!
That is something that, it's kinda hard for me to write or do a video about, because, I think people might get too sad, or too depressed, killing the idea of "entertainment". This is not your average sad ending, where your beloved one died... no one dies, just, someone went into a deep despair, and knows, that her life ended, and she'll just be forgotten that she exists.

I have explored some plots about this, as you guys know, I'm always collecting a bunch of stories and ideas that I get, and sometimes I just sit, and think - Ok, let's try to think of the most extreme stuff I can come up with - and the next day, I try to surpass that, and I think how the story can work out, instead of thinking, how its this gonna be accepted, because, I want to write cool and out of the box stuff, but this is just crossing the line, perhaps...

This makes us get to this final conclusion. I've been planning the Birthday Present, and was gonna include a Total Control side story, about her son (alongside with Botuplay winning short), but, then I thought - This might be a good time to test a bit on mind-break stories. So, I kinda wanted to know your opinion on all this, but know this, even if my mind-break plots feature sex, that is not my focus.
I created a good entry point story of mind-breaking, it tries to go a bit extreme by the end, but never lifts off to something out of this world, I just wanted to know if it is accepted.
The Total Control short is also cool, and VERY lighthearted, it doesn't have rape, I've been reading - Renai Sample - from Fakku Books, and got some really good inspirations. I wanted to create a short for this birthday present, my early idea was to make a full adaptation of a short manga I read, it was nothing special, just had a nice concept, but now, I dunno what I should do:
- Mind-Break short (extreme)
- Total Control Short (lighthearted)
- A twist on the usual wife rape short (the usual cool wife rape everyone loves)

Anyway, what is your opinion in all this? You can send me a note if you don't want to talk about this in public, but your opinion is valuable.

In some other news, I'm already focusing my attention on Episode 9, still have no ETA, but I'm officially working on it =)

Don't forget the Botuplay contest! - Botuplay Contest 2 - For April Birthday Gift 
You can win LittleWitch Romanesque for Steam! - JAST USA English Trailer - LittleWitch

Thanks for the read!

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Olá, Primus. Tudo bem? 

Eu estou com um probleminha e pensei que talvez você pudesse me ajudar de novo.

Você teve algum problema na instalação do Premium Play Darkness? Eu baixei o jogo e na hora de instalar surgiu esse erro intransponível: the patch was unable to detect your game at the location you specify. Consultei algumas pessoas, as quais me orientaram a baixar o applocale, papplocale e rodar o instalador como japonês. Eu fiz mas o resultado foi o mesmo.

Você teria alguma dica?
Primus-Prime-Time Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
Ui.. eu não sou grande expert neste tipo de coisas, será que não sacas-te só a English Patch? Pelo que parece, estás a tentar instalar uma patch e não o jogo em si.
FDLFarias Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Como sempre, você tinha razão de novo. Muito obrigado, Primus
FDLFarias Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
Raptors0verlord Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014
":iconeudetenis:" told me that you take video commissions
Primus-Prime-Time Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
yy, im not at home right now. send me a note and ill read in the weekend =)
Kuchisake69 Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey , I realy enjoy your work , keep up the good job . I alsow make short movies and stories with illusion games . I mostley use Sexy Beach 3 . Maria andersson as my main star of the fils along with Bael Altarus & Ayase Raiko . Im so veary happy so find a person who likes these games to .
Primus-Prime-Time Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Nice =) Out of curiosity, where can I see your work?
Kuchisake69 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Whell I had about 7 movies on youtube but thay all got baned .
So some things that are left is the Lost Continent Movie
Xtube :…
My older crappier move Cheary can be found on Marias own facebook :…
Other videos like Crazy Teacher and stuf like that can be found on youtube or Marias youtube not shure .
By the way im sorry if its all in croatian .
Primus-Prime-Time Featured By Owner May 19, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Well, yeah, couldn't understand anything =p

But good job anyway ^_^
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